Friday, 22 February 2013

Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick in Berry- Photos, Swatches, LOTD!

Hey Gurls!
Have you tried liquid lipsticks that stays for a longgggg time! Here is one of that sorts.. its the Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick in the shade Berry.

I got this as a prize when I had won my friend Toa's giveaway. (See what I had got)

Price: Rs 525/- for 8ml

What I Say...
Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick in Berry is a bright bubble gum pink with blue undertones. It doesn't has any shimmer in it.
These liquid lipsticks come in a transparent tube with a metallic blue twist up cap & a doe foot applicator.
The consistency of the liquid lipsticks is very creamy. The texture is very soft & smooth like whipped cream.
When applied you get a wet & cold feeling on the lips, it sets to a super matte finish within 4-5 seconds. 1 dip in the tube is sufficient to cover the whole lips. It amazingly pigmented & can cover up any pigmentation of lips.
It stays for a very long time , around 7-8 hours without bleeding or smears. It doesn't fades after meals too. Its non transferable.
The only drawback of this product it that it enhances the lips of the lips so much that you cant wear it on its own. It may be super drying on some if even if they have normal lips. It looks chapped & dry, & the look is not pretty withing an hours wear time. It almost looks dry like a chalk. You have to top it with some clear gloss or any other gloss if you really want to wear it. But still, it doesn't hides the fine lines of the lips.

wearing only Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick in Berry
topped with a clear gloss...

I really like the shade, but i don't like the way it sits on my lips & the way it makes them look! So chalky & all the lines enhanced. I would have liked it alot if it would have been a bit moisturizing.
If you don't mind super matte lipsticks which looks a bit dry then you may like this one!

Hope this review helped you!


  1. Hey Shourima...
    It seems matte which is what I like about it...
    But the color does not match what the bottle shows... :/

    1. yes dear it does match, may be in the photos it doesnt...

  2. Great review dear ,and thanks for reviewing it :)

  3. It looks better with the clear gloss. Wish you could wear it like a matte lipstick cause i think it's such a pretty pink!

    1. that even i like wearing without gloss , but the look is not pretty! :(

  4. The shade is gorgeous! :D I have perpetually dry, chapped lips (even right after exfoliating!!!) so this would be a no-go! :'(
    Thanks for the review :) xx

  5. Did you try kissing 2000 times with this on and saw???? Lolz, just joking. Nice shade, how do you apply lipstick so perfectly? For me it somestimes goes out of my lips or it won't reach all corners

    1. haha!!! no i dint do that! i dont know how! but it gets applied almost perfectly! :P

  6. SA was actually trying to sell this to me.. I should have tried it.. Nice pigmented shade

  7. looks really drying on your lips...but the shade is pretty

  8. Lovely color. Would it b better if you applied some lip balm underneath?


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