Sunday, 24 February 2013

February Vellvette Box!

Hey gurls!
Here Im with the Feb Vellvette Box!
This time my box came a bit squished on one side! & i wont be able to keep it! But never mind , the sweetest part of this months box is the red heart shaped magnetic sticker! & its written " Be my Vellvettine" Oh yes I will be!

What I got..
  • Ofra Vitamin C Cleanser
  • Purely Cosmetics Pro blush- Strawberry
  • Figs & Rouge 100%  Aloe & Mint Balm

I have used the Ofra Vit C cleanser 2-3 times & Im really liking it! Im flipped over the Figs & Rouge balm, the packaging is so cute. It has the old school charm to it. Purely Pro blush is way too much glittery, im finding a bit difficult to use it. I guess i have to use it like a highlighter! 

 & the magnetic heart on my fridge! ( yes i have more stickers on it, & i like 'em!)
Hope you all have received your Feb Vellvette Box!


  1. I m yet to receive mine! can;t wait!

  2. I m yet to receive mine! can;t wait!

  3. The lip balm and blush packaging is so adorable ^.^
    And you have spiderman on your fridge! Awesome xD

  4. My box came out squashed, too, and my balm had moved about in transit! I got a B5 serum instead of your cleanser - see pics here:

  5. How to order Velvette box? this is so great xoxox ..

  6. Hey rimmi ,the blush isn't it very cute? i just loved it...i wish i get the cleanser instead of that vitamin c cream :(

    1. cute packaging but too much glittery! ya you should get the cleanser!


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