Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lotus Purestay Blusher in Strawberry Touch- Review, Photos, FOTD!

Hey Gurls!
So today il review a new blush that I got recently. Its the Lotus Purestay Blusher in Strawberry Touch

Price: Rs 595/- for 6g

What I say..
Lotus Purestay Blusher comes in a dusty pinky purple compact & with the same color satin pouch. It has a mirror & a standard brush. The packaging is quiet heavy & gives a quiet Hi-End feel to it.
Strawberry Touch is a very beautiful & attractive pink color. It is a deep pink with warm undertones. It does have shimmers in it, but after wearing it doesn't shows up too much as its very fine. You really have to see it up close to notice the shimmers.

The texture of this blush is quiet soft & smooth. One swipe picks up a good quantity for a light flush to the cheeks. I normally go with 2 swipes for more blushed look. There is very less powdery fall outs. Its very easy to blend. It is definitely a longwear blush, it stays easily on me for 8+ hours with a very minimum fading at the end of the day.
It gives a very smooth & glowy finish to the cheeks. But somehow it enhances few blemish bumps that i have on the cheeks.

 blended swatch..

on me..

  • Hi End luxurious packaging
  • lovely deep pink shade
  • soft & smooth texture
  • richly pigmented
  • less powdery fall outs
  • longwear 8+ hours
  • easy to blend
  • smooth & glowy finish
  • shimmers not too gritty, very wearable ( I love mattes though)
  • enhances blemish bumps
Verdict: Lotus Purestay Blusher in Strawberry Touch is a very pretty pink color. I love matte blushes, but still I feel for this shade even it had shimmers in it. & I love it more that the shimmers doesn't shows up so much after wearing. It gives a lovely glow to the cheeks. & can be worn during day & night. 
If you are looking for a longwear blush do give this a try!
If this pink is not of you liking there are 3 more shades available- Rose Kiss ( a peachy pink), Dawn Glow (peachy coral) , Pink Petal ( soft pink)

Hope this review helped you! Have you tried Lotus Purestay Blushers yet? Which shade are you eyeing?


  1. Its indeed a very pretty blush and omg chk out the packaging.. too cute..nice review :)

  2. gorgeous fotd..!! and the packaging is so luxurious lol

  3. its a gorgeous shade rimmi :) and lovely fotd :)

  4. Looks so good on you :) .. in btwn love your lipstick shade :P

  5. This shade is to die for! <3 It's so PINK! :D
    And it looks so subtle and pretty on you :)

    1. i know!! its very pretty! & looks really fresh when worn!


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