Saturday, 30 March 2013

At The Four Fountains Spa!

Hey Gurls!
Working 9 hours a day without any vacation from 2 years can totally stress you out! That's when you need to pamper yourself once in a while & go visit a spa!

That's what I agreed to do when I got invited to the Four Fountains Spa. I visited the Malad link road branch which is really near to my place. The ambiance of this place is very calming & relaxing as it has the dull lighting & the aroma of candles & oils lingering all around the place.

I was given the catalogue of massages that they offer to choose from. I wanted something for the whole body which also gives special attention to my back. So, I chose Swedish Spa which was also recommended by the doctor over there. She took a stress test & recommended the same as I was in a Medium stress level, she also suggested to take a head massage. She gave a small prescription where she mentioned to concentrate more on the shoulders & back area. They also made me sign a disclaimer.. its just a formality.

Swedish Massage is basically a massage to reduce body aches & pain. As I work almost 9 hours a day sitting in front of a computer I had a little stiff shoulder & back pain. This massage used 5 different movements to relax muscles by applying indirect pressure against inner muscle & bones, while massaging in the direction of the blood flow returning to the heart. It increases oxygen supply to the muscles and reduces acid formation. This leads to reduction of muscular pains & aches & creates a feeling of refreshment.
I had a masseuse named Puja. She lead me to the massage room which was small, dim light & has soft music playing. I handed over the prescription to her, so she knew what had to be done.They provide fresh towels, pillows, disposable spread sheets & undergarments. She started the session with jasmine oil head massage for 15mins. The fragrance of the oil was very calming & soothing. After that my masseuse started with the Swedish massage using almond oil. The massage session lasted for 60mins. She also kept a cotton pad soaked in rose water on my eyes & patted a bit. Every part of my body felt so relaxed as never experienced before.

The massage made me very relaxed. I felt each & every muscle in my body was relaxing. Withing few minutes into the massage I felt my shoulder muscles were getting destressed. After the massage ended I took a hot water shower. I felt as if i was reborn! For the next few days I experienced no pains at all. I could easily work for a long period of time. 

I really loved the experience I had from The Four Fountains Spa. At the end they also offered green tea. I can't describe in word how relaxed & energetic I felt.
You can definitely indulge sometime as I feel it is very pocket friendly. I highly recommend you should atleast  go once & have a great experience. Im going there again for sure. They also have membership services, & happy hours.
You can locate your nearest Spa Here to de-stress!

*Services were provided free of cost


  1. it looks so great!just watching it it makes me wanna go for a massage!

  2. looks so relaxing and nice interiors... feel like pampering my self

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