Saturday, 16 March 2013

What's In My Bag : TAG

Hey Gurls!
Sometime back my blogger Friend Budget Belleza Tagged me in a "What's In My Handbag/ Purse :  TAG" post, I was so excited to get tagged & here im today showing What's in my bag actually!

This is my bag. A yellow big sling that carries my world around with me!

It is very spacious & big. It has 1 big zipper on the flat & 2 pocket in the front. I got from a near by mall only for Rs 700/- I believe. The most attractive part is the inner lining! Its Pink & its polka dot!

these are the things that I carry..

My orange wallet with a bow, I had got it from Bandra. My sunglasses (from Que Up), my spectacles, headphones, a small notepad, some old bills & receipts, my office ID, pendrive, railway ticket coupons, a pen, my business card holder, few lipsticks, mouth freshner, my essentials pouch, some medicines like Vit pills & disprin. Oh yes & 1 panty liner. 

In my essentials pouch I keep my Vaseline Total moisture cream, Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, Lifebuoy Hand sanitizer, TBS Aqua Lily Body Mist (this is discontinued), Maybelline lip balm, & a Bulgari lotion sample size. I also keep a dozen of chewing gums.

So This is what I keep in my bag!
I tag all of you to do this post & show what's in your bag!
Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. i love reading such posts:)

  2. Nice to know abt it Shouri!

  3. Great post! This reminds me that I need a good shoulder bag as well but I have been so lazy to go to an actual market for one item XD. The yellow bag is cute!

  4. Lovely Bag..polka dots..awwww

    I still have few drops of that aqua lily and I mixed it with rose water to make it more. LOL. I wish it was still available

  5. the bag is so good!! :) nice post!

  6. Lovely and quite different post :)

  7. Love the bag, super bright

  8. The content reminds me of my own bag. :D Ain't these posts so much of fun? She had tagged me as well... lazy lazy me! Should do it soon!

    Loved the peek into your bag :D

  9. Love the small blue transparent toiletries bag!!

  10. Awesome awesome bag and I loved ur wallet and spects :)
    Yes Nivedita I'm eagerly waiting for ur post as well :D

  11. Awesome post! And your bag is so neat! I really need to clean up my bag!

  12. your bag is everything in your bag ! and your glasses are great too

  13. hey dear nice blog..i really like your handbag visit my blog sometime...

  14. check my blog.i'm a newbie


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