Saturday, 6 April 2013

MAC Dupe Alert!

Hey Gurls!
This post has been in my draft since ages! I have no idea why on earth I have not been publishing it! May be I forgot, may be i thought I'l do it next time , may be I thought let me post something else today.. So anyways finally Im posting about 2 MAC lipstick dupes!

So the 1st one is MAC Twig. It is a nude pink with a tad bit of brown undertone. & a dupe for that I already had is Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick in True Sunset. These shade are 97% similar but after wearing you can really make out the difference.

Then I discovered a dupe for MAC Kinda Sexy, it is Teen Teen lipstick in #61. It 100% same! These are the lightest nudes that I have. It is a pale nude light pink. I find Teen Teen a bit more comfortable to wear as Kinda sexy is matte.
on me..

Hope you find this post helpful!
Have you found any dupes for any high end products? Do let me know!


  1. chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick in True Sunset is looking very pretty and is super close to MAC twig..
    i always saw dupes of international brands ..glad that u managed to get an Indian brand dupe..thanks a lot!!

  2. Teen Teen this is first time I read about this brand.. color is exact.. nice dupes could hardly make difference

  3. Wow great experiment Rimi please temme any dupes for MAC foundi :)

  4. Where can we get teen teen lipstick from?

  5. Great dupes.. Where did you het teen teen from ? Heard it for the first time :)

    1. hey its quiet an old brand.. can be easily found in bombay..!

  6. ah true sunset is so close! im eying that one now


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