Friday, 12 April 2013

MUA Gel Liner in Underground- Review, Photos, EOTD!

Hey Gurls!
Today Im here with yet another MUA product review, I last reviewed MUA Intense Lipgloss in Quick Kiss.

What It Says..
They are intensely pigmented and super slick and come in four shades, from the classic black of ‘Underground’ to the beautifully bold blue of ‘Tribe’ and are completely smudge-proof once the product has dried. And the most exciting bit of the product is the unique brush applicator, which is cleverly hidden in the lid, which has been designed so you can create an array of long-lasting looks and styles which in future blog posts and videos I will be demonstrating.

Price: £3.00 / around 250/- Rs depending on the rates

It comes in 4 different shades Underground (Black), Fairground (Grey), On Move (Brown) and Tribe (Turquoise). 

What I say..
It comes in a small tub packaging with a built in brush. The quality of the brush is quiet good.
The gel liner is soft while you pick up. But it doesn't applies smooth on the skin. Its not super pigmented. It takes alot of time to get a normal liner. It is difficult to get a decent line if you are on the go. You need to keep layering to get the desired black liner, but however after much effort it is not achieved!

 a swatch..

This is how it looks on me..
The gel liner doesn't has intense black color payoff. To get this simple liner, it took me alot of time. It is not buildable, so even that adds up not to give you a deep dark line!

  • cute packaging
  • creamy, when you pick up the product
  • decent staying power
  • not pigmented
  • bad color pay off
  • doesn't applies smooth
  • time taking to get a normal liner done
Verdict: I really had high hopes with this product as before buying I had read some good review about it! But it is a pain to use it! I like using my felt tip maker eyeliners better. I could have made it work for me if it was buildable.
Have you tried MUA Gel Liners? Have you experienced the same?


  1. maybelline gel liners are cheap and have great pigmentation :)

  2. oops... :(

    i hv picked some elf gel eyeliners.. hope they fare better..

  3. Rimmi nice review is not true black na? it look like little brownish black...I don't know as you are better in describing color...i was thinking of buying it..but now i am thinking what to do after seeing your cons....but nice review rimmi :)

    1. it is true black in the pot toa, but it doesn't applies well so it looks light. I suggest get the loreal gel liner!

  4. I got the liquid eyeliner which is a total dud...same like this Rimi :(

  5. nice review.. too bad it dint work for u.. u cn try the tips n toes one - it is in the same packaging like this one... m sure it will b better than this hopefully!!!

    1. lets see! im happy with my felt tip marker liner as of now!

  6. lol im wondering if we really have the same product..Mine is well pigmented and even more so by the second swipe! I suck at applying gel eyeliners but this is a dream to apply! Its become my go to liners these days :/
    nice pics btw

  7. That's too bad.. I love pigmented colours! Maybelline's gel liner works well for me :)

  8. Ouuccchh.. I had high hopes with it too.. Shame it isn't pigmented.. :(

    Hina xx

  9. Ouuccchh.. I had high hopes with this one too.. Shame it didn't work out..

    Hina xx

  10. Aww....Thats too bad...The packaging is cute but it doesn't reaally comes across that well...I guess the Maybelline gel liners do a better job!

  11. Seeing that inside the container I thought it will be really pigmented. But disappointing!


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