Sunday, 28 April 2013

What's In My April Vellvette Box?

Hey Gurls!
Few days back I received my April Vellvette Box, & Im sure everyone else did!

As it is spring, this time the box came wrapped in floral ribbon. For some reason I got only 3 products.. I saw 4 products in alot of other boxes! But anyways.. I don't mind.

 So these are the products that I got.
Motives Mardi Gras Palette. Never heard of this brand, but the shades looks good!
 Max factor Nailfinity Mini nail polish in a deep purple burgundy shade.
 & Lush Aqua Marina cleanser.

Mostly everyone received the Motives palette, Lush cleanser & any Max Factor product.

Did you receive your Vellvette Box?
Have you subscribed yet? If not, definitely try their 3 month subscription or just 1 month box at 399/-! Its worth a try.


  1. shouri.. lush wala kaise hai :)

  2. This is lovely! I wish I had subscribed before!

  3. lucky you got aqua marina. i had subscribed for that alone and didnt get it ...boohooo

  4. Rimmi lush one is good na? i too got it :) by the way why you got only 3 product? you should ask velvette team.

  5. nail paint looks pretty... I also got palette..

  6. I got motives, The Nature's Co and Max Factor.. Loved the nail color xx

    Hina xx

    1. oh that cool! what max factor product did u get?

  7. for How many months did you suscribed and when? more products depends on that,if you suscribed for 3 mobth before 25 march you would get another bonus free, if 6 months or 12 months, A bonus free with every box for 6/12 months. If you did then plz contact them for fourth product,if you didn't then don't (:


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