Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Win The Four Fountains Spa Vouchers!

Hey Gurls!
So here is a fun contest! Recently I visited & pampered myself at The Four Fountains Spa, so they decided to let 3 lucky readers of MF & EIL to get pampered as well!

What you can win!
1st Winner:  full body massage (60min) voucher
2nd & 3rd Winner: partial body massage (30min) voucher

Simple Rules..
  • Giveaway runs from 2nd April to 17th April
  • Open to Indian Residents only. If your area doesn't have The Four Fountains Spa then you can give the voucher to your friend/relative where they have a branch.
  • There will be 3 winners
  • You can participate if you are more than 18yrs of age
  • winner will be picked by MF & EIL & The Four Fountains Spa representative
All you have to do is..
a Rafflecopter giveaway

All the best gurls! Have a great time in the Spa!
Prizes are sponsored by The Four Fountains Spa. 


  1. When I was a kid, we used to visit our native place, a quaint lil village in Kerala, by the banks of vembanad lake. During summer vacations, all of us cousins used to run around, play all sort of games, jump into the lake and have a relaxing dip, pluck raw mangoes from trees and have it with salt and chillie powder, visit temple, pester our uncles to put a swing in the courtyard made out of coconut planks, pull each others legs...times gone by...the sweet memories of the past is something I miss during my summers here in Bangalore

  2. thanks for the giveaway shouri.. :)

    the best part of giveaway is we can try different summery outfits according to our personal style and comfort label not like winters where we have to put extra kilos of sweaters and jackets :D One can enjoy swimming to de-stress our body. The best part i like in summers is to try different mocktails :P :D

  3. I am actually a Summer Girl and after facing those harsh winter months in North India...Summer season is more than Welcome at my place.
    The first thing that I like about summers is that I don't have to pile on sweaters and jackets and what not to save myself from the chills outside.Easy,breezy,flowing,light clothes do the job.

    The second thins is that I can splurge on smoothies,colas,mocktails,golas and worry less about a sore throat

    The third thing is my Favorite mangoes....Slurpppp

  4. One of the few reasons why I like summers is because I can have big scoops of ice-creams & glass of roohazfa rose milk everyday, without any "no-no" from mom-dad! :D

  5. I always loved summers as they meant vacation in school :P. I have super dry skin so summer gives me a break from applying moisturizer every now and then. The flowery cotton dresses, the cute flip flops, oranges and melons and yes the mango pickles mummy makes. I love them all

  6. the best part os summers i like is fruit and different kind of cold beverages ! from mangoes, lichis to roohafza, mango shake, nimbu pani ... just yumm... the pleasure of eating icecream increases! :) :)

  7. I Love Four Fountains Spa, Its the best service In Bangalore I have ever Received

  8. Best part in summers is the freedom I feel...getting rid of the heavy winter clothes...shorts,tanks,dresses,sandals...the happy flowers...all animals out of hibernation..the world looks alive n so do I

  9. My birthday season :) Mangoes and Summer clothing collections :) Plus its season to flaunt my favorite color range - PASTELS :) <3

  10. I LOVE...
    the long, long daylight hours. I love being able to stroll over to the neighbors and sit out on the porch and chat while the sun is still in the sky. I love that we have time to do a long walk or a long bike ride AFTER work, while it's still light. I love that I can get up and do things--hang out a load of laundry, say--before I even leave for work--and I leave the house at 6.40am.

    I can do without the heat. I can do (especially!) without the humidity. But I love the long summer days and the long, lingering twilight approach of night on summer evenings.I love eating outdoors, and drinking ice tea. There's the fun of birthdays, get together .I have more time off work so I can spend it with my family. I love gardening and enjoy that aspect of the summer. Summer fruits and vegetables are amazing. . I like to swim .

  11. For me the best thing about summers is cotton dresses and lots of ice creams !! :D :D

  12. Done Rimi Lovely Giveaway <3
    For me for summer taking chill shower after a heavy sweating kitchen work :p and yeah Ice creams too....

  13. one thing i like about summer is my fridge is full of ice cream

  14. one thing that i love about summer is backless top and short dresses ....


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