Thursday, 16 May 2013

MUA Professional Eye Primer- Review!

Hey Gurls!
Today Il be reviewing an eye primer that I have been wearing for quiet some time now. Its the MUA Professional Eye Primer. I generally don't use any eye shadow primers , I usually use a concealer or any cream eye shadow as a base. I though to give this a try as it was quiet inexpensive.

Price: £2.50 for 7.5ml

What It Says..


What I say..
I comes in a black tube with a twist up wand & a doe foot applicator. The tube comes packed in a black box. The primer is cream in color. The consistency is creamy & thin. I just dab on some on the eye lids & spread it with my ring finger. It spreads evenly & leaves the eye lids very smooth. It dries quickly when applied so you don't have to wait the eyeshadow application. 
As the primer is tinted it creates a slight base. It doesn't feels sticky or heavy.  Eye shadows blends over it with no fuss. The colors shows up more bright & intense over it.
 I don't have oily lids, so it keeps the eyeshadow intact for around 5 hours & starts creasing & fading  afterwards.


On left I have swatched it without the primer, & on right it is with the primer. You can see how the color shows up a little intense.

  • simple, sleek packaging
  • cream color of the primer makes a base for the eyeshadow
  • spreads evenly & easily
  • leaves the eye lids smooth
  • doesn't feels sticky or heavy
  • eye shadow blends easily
  • colors show up bright & intense
  • it keeps the eyeshadow intact only for 5 hours

Verdict: I expected that it will keep the eyeshadow intact for a little longer! I guess may be because of the hot & humid climate it tends to crease. Overall its a good product in a great price. It makes the shadows last atleast for around 5 hours & makes the colors shows intense. 

Have you tried MUA Professional Eye Primer? Which eye shadow primer do you use?


  1. I normally apply my face primer on my It lids also. It works well for me. How's MUA's face primer? Any idea?

  2. i never used primer.wil try it :)

  3. I never used primer because I don't want to layer up my face by too many creams :(
    Nice review dear

  4. Great product for the affordable price! :)

  5. Havn't tried any of the MUA products yet but this one seems to be good...That's a great review shourima!


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