Friday, 24 May 2013

What's In My May Vellvette Box?

Hey Gurls!
I got my Vellvette Box yesterday & I was really excited to get the box this time as I saw Flormar lipstick on Vellvette's FB page!

This months theme was Organic. So we all got natural organic products.
What I got..

Brocato Curlinterrupted Smoothing & Hydrating Treatment Kit ( Shampoo+Conditioner)

Flormar Deluxe Shine gloss Lipstick – D35

Tvam Almond & Honey Scrub & Body Polisher

As said before, I love it when I get a makeup product in my box! Im really liking the shade of the Flormar lipstick, its bright & glossy! Tvam Almond & Honey Scrub & Body Polisher smells really good , looking forward to using it.

Did you get your May Vellvette Box?



  1. good dear...I got 2 Natures Co face washes instead of TVAM... What about that lipstick, mine is D34 and its too sheer,,,,more lie a lip balm...

    1. wow! are you liking the face washes? ya the lipstick is too sheer!

  2. yupp.. same stuff only lip-shade is different.. I liked it all. :-D

  3. Lipstick shade is pretty...colour is so bright karna..:)

  4. Lipstick looks attractive Rimi :)

  5. Lovely ! i got same stuffs and additional face wash :) and my lipstick color is D31...I love the lipstick. Its more like a lip balm right?

  6. The Tvam polish is awesome,I found it perfect for the summer.


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