Saturday, 29 June 2013

My June Vellvette Bag!

Hey Gurls!
Im probably the last person on earth to post about my My June Vellvette Bag! As said before in earlier post too, I have been busy like a bee!
So anyways.. Here Im with my My June Vellvette Box Bag! Yes it a cute lil pink bag this time!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

New Lakmé Clean Up Range : Clear Pores

Mumbai, July, 2013: This monsoon, enjoy a hot cuppa without having to worry about your skin. No matter how much we love the monsoons, the humidity in the air often creates havoc for our skin. The moisture laden air makes our skin prone to breakouts, blemishes, clogged pores and a constant oiliness that refuses to go. Enriched with green tea extracts, the new Lakmé Clear Pores CLEAN UP range is a salon-like cleanup giving you clear, matte skin.
Clogged pores are a major cause for concern among women. Pores can become clogged as a result of the accumulation of oil and dirt. Oily areas, most notably the T-zone, are usually home to the most noticeable pores. Having clear pores is necessary to prevent blackheads and acne, and is the first step to getting beautiful, radiant skin. A rich source of Salicylic acid and anti-oxidant; Green Tea is known to clear and soothe skin.
Created by Lakmé experts, Lakmé Clear Pores CLEAN UP range is enriched with goodness of green tea extracts that soothe and calm your skin and salicylic acid that helps prevent break-outs fight blemishes and reduce irritation.
Lakmé Clear Pores CLEAN UP is an easy-to-use professional clean-up range comes with three unique new formulations:  a face wash to cleanse all visible dirt, a scrub to remove dead cells and a mask to reduce pores and tighten skin.  

Expert’s Speak A three step Clean-up is essential for any skin-care regime. It removes impurities from epidermis to give you clear, matte skin
Daniel Bauer, Lakmé Expert

Monday, 24 June 2013

On My Nails This Week: Maxfactor Nailfinity Ruby Fruit

Hey Gurls!
Here is whats on my nails this week! Im wearing  Maxfactor Nailfinity  nail paint in Ruby Fruit.

NEW: Long Stay Makeup from FACES Canada

Are you the party lover who is tired with smudged and smeared makeup that always spoils your mood or your long working hours and worn off makeup disgrace your first good impression. One can manage blotting with rice paper and dabbing on some powder and lip gloss but sliding off eyeliner, marcara or eyeshadow can be a real put off and reapplying everything is not always possible.

FACES Canada brings to you the solution for all your makeup needs and problems with long-lasting smudge free makeup. It’s far less likely to melt or move as the temperature rises. Stay relaxed and stop worrying about makeup while you are on a roll. Follow the following steps for the best results for your long stay look.

FACES Dual Powder Foundation. Rs 999

FACES Mineral Loose Powder- Rs 599

Start with the foundation that helps you maintain the natural look without slipping off your face the moment the room heats up.  Go for FACES Dual Powder foundation which is a unique formulation foundation in power form, giving a flawless look and natural long lasting coverage over skin imperfections leaving a smooth and silky fee.
Complete the base with fine-milled FACES mineral loose powder is the perfect party makeup - sweat-proof and water-resistant. Its innovative non- comedogenic formulation offers protection from harmful UV radiation and imparts a silky, irrestible touch to facial skin

Vanishing Act Concealers- Rs 399

When you cover up blemishes you want them to stay covered.  FACES Vanishing Act Concealer leaves skin looking perfect. With its effortless application method, it glides on easily to help cover dark circles, fine lines and other imperfections. Its exclusive oil-free formulation makes it ideal for blemishes on skin, yet its light texture allows for undetectable coverage on all skin types.

Baked Eye Shadow- trio- Rs 999

Baked Eye Shadow- trio- Rs 999

FACES Baked Eye Shadow MRP- Rs 999

Eye Shadow
To ensure your eyeshadow doesn't smear or vanish into creases, opt for a Baked eye shadow that last or more than 8 hours. It easily blends on to your eyes and Stay-in-Place. Available in array of vibrant and soothing colors FACES baked eye shaodow is a perfect must have for every fashionista. Its formulation allows you to build up coverage without it looking heavy or cakey.

Eye Liner
Ever spent ages trying to get your eyeliner just right, only to have it smudge a few minutes after application? Thanks to the latest FACES Beyond Black and Ultime Pro shine on Eyeliner long stay  eye liners that are specially designed to help you create precision lines in minimum time, and it should stay put all day long. Smudge-proof, smearproof and waterproof formulation comes with precise applicator for ultra-fine or dramatic application.

Mascara is one of those important products that can be make or break your look. Wrong mascara can lead to blackened tear that spoils the whole look. FACES has recently introduced an Ultime Pro gel waterproof mascara. It’s a innovation for the outdoor divas! Made with cutting edge tube technology. Lasts up to 24 hours. Contains conditioning ingredients that nourish. Gives a stunning lengthening and curling definition, without clumping.

Add a lasting flush of colour to your face by working a into your cheeks using a FACES Glam on powder blush  which has high-quality pigments impregnated in a super-rich formula. Just what is needed to give you stunning results to show off, and applying them in circular motions will ensure longer-lasting colour.

FACES UltimePro Longwear Lipstick. Rs 599 (Lust On)

UltimePro long wear lipstick.Rs 599 ( hot pink matte)

Lip Color
We often complain about reapplication of lip colors every now and then. Not any more, now we have FACES Ultime Pro Longstay lipstick with matte finish for the uber chic look. A vivid color burst that lasts more than 8 hours. Enriched with Vitamin E and anti-aging oxidants. Creamy texture gives smooth, water proof high coverage. Available in a range of swanky shades.


FACES Canada, 
G-10, Ground Floor,
Moments Mall, 
Adjacent to Kirti Nagar Metro Station Kirtni Nagar, 
New Delhi – 110015

FACES Canada, 
Infinity 2 Mall, 230/ 2nd Floor, 
Linking Road, Malad (West) Mumbai -400

Friday, 21 June 2013

Lakmé introduces your Everyday Skin Stylist -Lakmé CC Cream

Lakmé CC Cream
India’s first Complexion Care cream

Press Release: New Sunsilk Radiant Shine from Sunsilk Co Creations

Let your hair sparkle every day with the new
Sunsilk Radiant Shine!!!

~ A new hair care range that gives your hair a healthy shine~

Mumbai: As per research conducted by an independent research agency, 96% girls desire shiny hair. But their common complaint is that their hair often turns dull with time. Sunsilk realizes that a young Indian girl’s hair needs to keep pace with her exciting and demanding life to enhance her naturally vibrant and attractive persona. It strongly, believes that every girl deserves to have healthy, shiny hair that allows her to go through an eventful, long and demanding day, looking her best. But daily stresses like harsh sunlight and excessive pollution may rob the hair of essential shine and moisture, and leave it dull and limp.  Comprehending this situation, Sunsilk put its expert team on the job and designed a perfect solution in the form of ‘Sunsilk Radiant Shine’, an innovative product, which gives long lasting hair shine.   So get ready to flaunt your shiny tresses and stand out with confidence as the new Sunsilk Radiant Shine adds a radiant shimmer to your hair.

How does it work?
Sunsilk Radiant Shine has ultra light fusion of oils from ingredients famed for their beneficial effects on hair – Argon, Jojoba, Camellia, Almond and Olive. The dual effects of oiling and washing to a large degree soften the hair texture not just from the outside, but actually aim to ensure that the hair receives its share of nourishment at periodic intervals. The light oils permeate upto three layers deep and give hair a natural sheen that stays as the day progresses. Sunsilk Radiant Shine shampoo and conditioner work in combination to produce an enduring visibly glossy look that stays on and on!

Sunsilk Radiant Shine has been created by the in-house expert team in association with the internationally renowned shine expert for hair, Jamal Hammadi; who is also known for his natural approach towards achieving healthy and long lasting shiny hair. Jamal emphasizes on the common complaint by girls, where shiny hair often turns dull within time.

Jamal saysThis happens because the nourishment just stays on the surface and evaporates very easily due to harsh sunlight and excessive pollution; stripping the hair of its radiant glow. When it comes to long lasting shine, I strongly recommend the use of ‘Sunsilk Radiant Shine’ shampoo and conditioner.  It is enriched with ultra light fusion of 5 natural oils. It provides nourishment to the hairand radiant shine. Use the shampoo along with the conditioner to get long lasting visibly glossy hair that stays on and on!

On this highly innovative creation, Jamal continues It is a feeling of pride and honor to be a part of the Sunsilk family, as one of Co-Creators. Sunsilk Radiant Shine is definitely the new best friend that every young girl must have and get ready to flaunt that beautiful shiny mane all day long

So girls, shine your way with self-confidence and assurance of Sunsilk Radiant Shine!
Shampoo:            Conditioner:           
80ml- Rs 56/-         Rs 56/-
180ml- Rs 112/-     Rs 112/-
340ml- Rs 192/-

About Sunsilk: Sunsilk brand was launched in 1964 and is a global brand with its presence across 80 countries. The Sunsilk hair care range provides a complete hair care solution and functions as a 3-step combination of cleansing, nourishing and manageability that gives a 20 something girl the confidence to express herself. For 20-something single girls, hair is often an emotional rollercoaster. Sunsilk understands and has designed its wash, care and styling collections to address the most common hair dramas in 80 countries around the globe

About Hindustan Unilever Limited: Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods company, touching the lives of two out of three Indians.  HUL's mission is to "add vitality to life" through its presence in over 20 distinct categories in Home & Personal Care Products and Foods & Beverages.  The company meets every day needs for nutrition, hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life.

Shopped From!

Hey Gurls!
So few days back I got a mail from asking me to write about their website & that they  would provide me with Rs 500/- gift voucher. & I was like Hell yeah! Who declines such offers where you get to shop for free!
So any ways I browsed their website for some time & decided to get another Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer. I placed my order on 3rd June & received it on 5th! Whoa that was a fast service.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New Launch: Rejuvenate your senses with the complete bathing experience from Aaranyaa- skincare naturally

Bathing, an exercise that just doesn’t clean away your dirt but also rejuvenating your senses with a relaxing time at the shower. The distinctive fragrances of bath and body products can be almost magical in their ability to soothe, refresh, calm, and energize women just through the simple use of the body wash, shower gel, and other fine skin care products. Formulated with a delicate combination of moisturizing, calming, and stimulating ingredients, Aaranyaa’s Body wash gels are designed to exfoliate the dead cells effectively from the body skin and the hard skin on the joints without depleting the natural body oil.

For a complete bathing experience one cannot do away with the hair cleansing range. Giving the best to the consumer, rich nutrients and actives in Aaranyaa’s hair care products provide proper nourishment to hair follicles, and ensure cleanliness of scalp and protection from UV rays, dust, and pollutants. The products are unique blend of Indian herbs, essential oils and organic ingredients that provide proteins, and vitamins A, B6, B12, and C which are essential for hair.

Aaranyaa body wash gel sandalwood. Rs 175

New Lakmé 9 to 5 : The Office Stylist Range

Lakmé launches its array of long wear make up that let’s you say good bye to No Touch Ups. 

Lakmé 9 to 5 range consists of a wide collection for daily office wear with subtle shades that require no touch-ups through the day, providing an impeccably styled look and allowing a hassle-free transition from the desk to the office party.

Mumbai: Now beat your Monday morning blues with Lakmé’s 9to5, the office stylist range. A sure-shot way to make you stand out at the workplace, this new launch from Lakmé is a range of long wear make-up for the contemporary Indian woman, who is always on the go. The range includes products for daily office wear with subtle shades that require no touch-ups through the day, providing an impeccably styled look and allowing a hassle-free transition from the desk to the office party.

Created to excite the stylish professional woman, this range, brought to life by ace model Angela Johnson, consists of-

Lakmé 9 to 5 : The Office Stylist Range

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Week On Instagram #29 & #30

Hey Gurls!
I have been MIA since a really long time! My work has taken over alot of my time, but I promise I'l be back with lots of post!
So anyways Here is my week(s) on Instagram post!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Maybelline High Shine Color Sensational Lipgloss in One Shine Day- Review!

Hey Gurls!
Maybelline has been bombarding us with alot of new launches! & today I'l be reviewing one of their new lipglosses. It called the Maybelline High Shine Color Sensational Lipgloss & I have it in the shade One Shine Day

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Week On Instagram #28

Hey Gurls!
I have been so busy again from last week that I'm hardly getting anytime for this space.
Here is a look back into last week!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

New From Lakme- 1st ever Sculpting regime : LAKME Youth Infinity

Mumbai, May, 2013:  Lakmé, India’s iconic beauty brand is known to innovate continuously and add new products to its repertoire across cosmetics, salon services and skin care. In its endeavor to address every woman’s intrinsic need for younger looking skin, Lakmé now introduces the revolutionary ‘Sculpting’ skin care range - Lakmé Youth Infinity.  
Women love the radiant and youthful skin of their early 20’s. It is a time when skin is at its supple best, with great collagen support. As skin matures over time, it begins to look dull and loses its elasticity due to aging effects of the sun, environmental pollutants, and stress.  Unveiling the most exciting beauty trends worldwide; the Sculpted Look is essentially the best of your 20’s skin - the firmness, the radiance and the youthfulness. Women have increasingly come to believe that the first step to gorgeous looking skin is that perfect Sculpted look. The sculpted look is what women of today, looking for youthful, tight and bright skin, desire most.

Recommended by Lakmé Experts, Lakmé Youth Infinity range consists of Insta-Collagen Boosters™ and Luminizing Pearls that tightens and brightens your skin.  The range contains Peptides, Retinol & Retinol Boosters that stimulates collagen production, CLA enhances skin cell turnover, AHAs exfoliates dead cells, Glycerine restores & enhances moisture content and Niacinamide enhances visible skin lightening.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Quick Sample Reviews: Thalgo Intense Regulating Serum & Melt-In Smoothing Brightening Cream

Hey Gurls!
Here is a quick reviews on Thalgo Intense Regulating Serum & Melt-In Smoothing Brightening Cream. I know samples don't do justice to the product but I'l give some quick thoughts about these 2 products.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Empties!

Hey Gurls!
Its that time of the month when I love sharing my empty products with you! I feel so good after hitting the bottom of bottle, & then I can peacefully think of something new to buy!

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