Saturday, 1 June 2013

May Empties!

Hey Gurls!
Its that time of the month when I love sharing my empty products with you! I feel so good after hitting the bottom of bottle, & then I can peacefully think of something new to buy!

So these are the products I finished up using..
  • Avon Naturals Mango Moisturising Body Smoothie: I love the smell of this, its almost like a mango smoothie that you drink. This is suppose to be a body wash & shampoo. I loved it more for a body wash & as it did dry my hair a bit. The packaging is super cute, like a vintage milk bottle. Wouldn't repurchase this.
  • Dove Intense Repair Overnight Treatment: This is my 2nd bottle. Love the way it nourishes my hair. Tames it & makes it manageable to work with. It says overnight treatment, but I used it after hairwash as a leave in.
  • Clean & Clear Deep Action Oil Control Facewash: This too is my 2nd tube. Love the way it super cleans my skin, & doesn't leaves it dry. It leaves the skin matte & bright. Will repurchase it for sure.
  • Touch-Me Makeup Cleansing Wipes: Bought on a whim, never heard of this brand. It did work quiet well but I don't like that one side of the wipe is quiet harsh. Would go back to my Kara wipes.

  • Colorbar Acetone Free Nail Enamel Remover: Really liked this remover. I have already bought one more of this. Makes it easy to remove the nail enamel & leaves a sweet fragrance behind.
  • TBS Tea Tree Oil: Its a must have for me. I don't know how many bottles I have finished up using.
  • Avani Nourishing Body Lotion: I got this in one of my Enchantress Bag. This lothin is quiet hick & hydrates the skin really good. Has a faint pleasant fragrance.
  • Remy Laure Sunscreen: This too came in one of my Enchantress Bag. Its so thick, doesnt smells good! & I have nothing else to say!
  • Garnier Light Oil free Daily Fairness Moisturizer: If you want someone to suffer, & they ask your suggestions for a moisturizer, suggest them this! It is the most horrible moisturizer I have ever come across! Its so difficult to spread, & doesnt do anything what it claims!
So that it gurls! These are the things that I finished up using!
What did you finish up?


  1. Its always fulfilling to do Empties posts ..Do you recommend Maybelline concealer for dry circles .. Colorbar polish remover sounds promising..

  2. Oops.. The garnier moisturizer.. I don't like it too.. Btw, good post!

  3. Yeahh!!! BTW I am doing a empty post this months - THANKS TO UR INSPIRATION :D

    BTW have u reviewed Dove Intense Repair Overnight Treatment? Would love to know more about it. Sounds gr8

  4. Wow awesome stuffs you have finished Rimi :)


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