Sunday, 14 July 2013

Birthday Haul!

Hey Gurls!!!
This month is my birthday! So obviously we go crazy & want to pamper ourselves buy buying alot of things for ourselves! I too did the same! I dint buy all of these at one go.. but was shopping from a long time, & doing a collective post!
So lets jump into the post ..

These are all from Forever 21..

 This coral sheer top from Only.
 & this bright blue top from Vero Moda.

2 pairs of denim. The left from Zara & the right from Only.

Yes, Im obsessed with mint colors so I got this sling bag too in mint from the brand Pieces.

& accessories too!
These are from Forever 21

& some from Colaba. Colaba is my favorite place to shop inexpensive trendy jewellery.

This flats from Zara.

& then I gifted myself a new watch too! This ones from Casio. Yes a mint strap! call me crazy..

Hope you liked my haul!
Have you been shopping lately? The sales are on everywhere.

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