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Hi Gorgeous..
This is Shourima here.. 
If you have any queries or any questions don't hesitate and just drop in a mail to..

Also I'm a Fashion Adviser/ Consultant. Would be glad to answer your questions..

PR / Company:
I welcome you too..
If you want to get any of your products to be tried tested or reviewed.. pl feel free to contact me.
My reviews, thoughts & opinions will be honest, as my readers are important to me.


  1. I know you requested not to leave blog links but the only personal contact link i can find is for companies to contact you! Im am very new to this blogging world but as a desi girl, i am in love with your traditional looks and will be trying them out very soon! Please follow my blog at to see my take on your red lipstick with jhumka earrings look! Thank you.

    Gowry S

    1. hey thanks for stopping by gowry! sure will see ur blog! you can definitely leave a link if you want me to see your blog!


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