My Birthday Wishlist!!!

Exactly a month from today is my Birthday!!! yaaay...
& I have a new birthday wishlist that i have thought about..
I don't have a million thing in mind.. but the things that i want is drool worthy in my opinion...

Even if it will be raining cats & dogs on my birthday.. (it always does!!!) I want a pair of white wedges..

& for my lippies i have been eyeing these 2 Rouge in Loves!!
I haven't tried them yet, but il see which color look best & bright on me! so il pick one of these!

& some jewellery..
A wrist watch in rose gold with white straps..

Lets see at the end  what all things i get me hand on!!!
I havent planned on a date when il go shopping.. but il go whenever time permits!

Let me know if you know any place in Bombay where i can get starfish rings.



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